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CASA, Inc.
CASA's Services to Those in Crisis in Our Community
Washington County, Maryland
July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014


The staff responded to 24,721 calls on the 24 hour hot line. Crisis intervention services, support, and information and referrals were provided to victims, family members, friends and community members calling for assistance.

Our Legal Services provided services to 571 individuals seeking information, civil representation, and support through the legal system.

Our emergency shelter provided a safe place for 94 women and 80 children who were in immediate danger translateing into 3,867 bed nights. An additional 34 women and 17 children were assisted by phone with alternate shelter and referred to the CASA office for services.

We assisted 5 individuals as they began working towards increased independence in our transitional housing program.

Our Employment / Training Program provided employment and educational training assistance to 74 individuals. Of those individuals, 21 were placed in jobs in our community.

Our Abuser Intervention Program provided group services to 431 participants with a completion rate of 52%.

Our Children's Program provided services to 141 children who were victims of physical or sexual assault / abuse.

Our Abuser Intervention Program provided group services to 432 participants with a completion rate of 52%..

We provided outreach and education during 37 community activities in an effort to raise awareness concerning the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault..